Hanna Drabon

Business Developer

Hanna Drabon is a Business Developer at comspace, a digital agency based in Bielefeld, Germany. In 2014, after her MBA in Management and Entrepreneurship, Hanna initialized „Spende dein Talent” (donate your talent): an award-winning method, that enables companies to adjust their corporate culture to the challenges of digitalization.

The method is based on the idea of working in small connected groups which share knowledge and values. A technique, that recently won the German “Personal Manager Award” 2016 and encourages an innovative business environment. Since 2015 Hanna is also in charge of the related digital platform www.spende-dein-talent.de as part of the intrapreneur program at comspace.

48forward – The Conference 2016

What does the future of work look like? An important question that was intensively discussed during the 48forward conference in 2016. Michael Praetorius interviewed Hanna Drabon, Marina Treude, Dr. Claus Boyens and Stefan Pfeiffer on stage to get interesting insights on how working culture is changing.

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