Manfred Tropper

CEO & Founder

Manfred started his entrepreneurial life with the age of 18 when he founded his first web design agency. At the age of 21 he founded mantro together with two fellow students. After 6 years of building up this digitalization consulting firm they started their own startup studio bringing digital product ideas to life, often together with their clients from the consulting business.

Beginning as a classical programmer in corporate environments Manfred learned that especially traditional corporate environments are too slow and complicated to meet the requirements of modern digital markets. Therefore he understood that he had to dig deeper into the practises of lean and customer-centric project approaches like lean startup or design thinking.

Together with his partners he turned his software development service company mantro into a full-stack enterprise digitalization service provider and venture builder. Using innovation methods they deliver services from the spark of an idea to the market-release of a digital product. By doing that for mostly traditional corporates they are sure to start a process of change within those companies. mantro believes that by helping companies to successfully run through the digitalization age with modern approaches those companies will start to be more innovative.

48forward – The Conference 2016

Society needs innovation! During our conference on 24th November 2016 Manfred Tropper explained why innovation is so important for all of us. Thereby he gave some interesting insights he gained as a Founder and CEO of mantro.

Talk.48fwrd: Innovation Session

How can companies become more innovative? We tried to answer this question during our Talk.48fwrd: Innovation Session on 07th September 2016 and Manfred Tropper explained what companies can do to push innovation.

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