You want to know more about innovation and future topics?
Deep.48fwrd goes deep – join our intense half-day events.
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There are so many important innovation and future topics out there and many of them are quite complex – too complex to explain them within a short keynote or panel discussion. That’s the reason why we started Deep.48fwrd – half-day events that focus on one single topic.

Those masterclass events will be a mix of keynotes, panel discussions, networking and Q&A sessions. Our high-class experts will invest a lot of time to explain their views and topics to our audience – and the audience is limited to a certain number of attendees to have enough time to answer each open question.

Sounds good? We knew that you are going to like those events!

Upcoming sessions

Digital Marketing Masterclass

25th April 2017 – 1PM
Design Offices Arnulfpark
Munich, Germany

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Bots Masterclass

09th May 2017 – 12:30PM
Design Offices Kaiserteich
Düsseldorf, Germany

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Future Commerce Masterclass

30th June 2017 – 12PM
Design Offices Stuttgart Mitte
Stuttgart, Germany

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