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PLAY – the Sky open innovation hub
Paul-Heyse-Str. 27
80336 Munich

Entrepreneurship Masterclass

What does it take to build up a startup that is able to develop into a successful company? We will talk about that question in an intensive all-day masterclass.
Please note: This session will be mixed in German and English.

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Design Offices Kaiserteich
Elisabethstr. 11
40217 Düsseldorf

Deep.48fwrd: Bots Masterclass

Everybody talks about Bots – but what can we do with them? Which new ways of communication and information sharing are possible with that technology? We’ll discuss that in a Deep.48fwrd Masterclass in Düsseldorf.
Please note: This session will be in German.

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mantro GmbH
Zielstattstr. 19
81379 München

Talk.48fwrd: Summer Session

Summer is back – so it’s time for our Talk.48fwrd Summer Session again. Join us for an evening with cold drinks, snacks and interesting insights on a sunny roof terrace in Munich.
Please note: This session will be in German.

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48forward – The Conference

It’s about time for another conference! Join us in Februar 2018 to see many high-class speakers on stage and be part of the discussion about the upcoming trends and visions that will affect us within the next five to ten years.

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Leaders.48fwrd Summit

Let’s invite the most innovative and visionary minds from all over the world to Bavaria to discuss society’s challenges? Join us in developing a community of crazy ones that dare to think of how we can change the world!

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