The Conference


22 February 2018
Munich, Germany

International Speakers
The innovation and future conference 48forward unites 400 attendees and 30 international high-class speakers – a hotspot for forward-thinking minds.

There are a lot of events about new products, about startups and selling all kinds of products and services. But there is a massive lack of events that deal with the meta-layers, with the important questions we all have to ask:

What changes do come with a certain technology?
How might it change our society, the way we live, work or love?
How could it help us with cultural or economical challenges?

48forward is trying to answer those questions, is trying to connect the dots of innovation to create a big picture of our future.

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The Conference deals with trends, visions, new technologies as well as general developments and movements within different life and economic areas. We have speakers that cover various disciplines and provide a broad overview of what will affect us and our work within the upcoming 5 to 10 years.

New Work


Marketing & Communication



Media / Journalism



You are missing your topic?

You are missing topics like VR, AI, AR and all the other fancy things? They are all part of the topics we mentioned above, because they are the innovations, movements, technologies and developments that change or even disrupt those areas.

48forward is about how technology and other developments affect and change different areas.

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I like 48forward. It became an important platform for me and it is one of the very few conferences that especially address socio-cultural topics in relation to digitalization. Remarkably it does not leave its attendees unthinkingly behind with the mammon “technology”. Furthermore it’s a great occasion for networking with relevant and exciting people – in a casual surrounding.

Oliver Kempkens

CEO at ITMP Deutschland


2016’s 48forward Conference took place at Freiheiz in the heart of the Bavarian capital Munich. The big old brick house was once used as a turbine plant and is a extraordinary event location for almost ten years.

The location of 2018’s 48forward conference is going to take place in Munich again. The exact location will be announced within the upcoming months.

About last year…

2016’s 48forward took place at Freiheiz in Munich on November 24th. We had 40 speakers on stage. 

It was an inspiring day and we all had a lot of fun – looking forward to repeat that this year.

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