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Stage One
Stage Two
Opening Ceremony

Let’s start an exciting day with some introductory words from our Founder, Hosts and Patron.

Richard Gutjahr
Blogger & Journalist
Daniel Fürg
Founder at 48forward
Opening Keynote

We will announce our opening keynote speaker shortly.

How Estonia Established E-Residency

Estonia is a true pioneer when it comes to eGovernment. The e-Residency program was the first of its kind and sets standards other countries still are not able to follow. Kaspar Korjus is responsible for the program and will provide interesting insights.

Kaspar Korjus
Managing Director at E-Residency
Future of Marketing Track

What does the future of marketing look like? What channels and tools will be important in the future? What kind of content and messages are going work?

Panel: Why Do We Need eGovernment?

Why do we really need eGovernment? There might be a lot of people out there that are not convinced why we need to change the way we do government and administrative processes. We will have a panel discussion to discover good reasons and best practices for eGovernment.

Kaspar Korjus
Managing Director at E-Residency
Dancing with the Machines – Making AI tangible

Discussions about AI seem to be endless. There is a huge hype around Machine Learning. Ethical discussions are led by both – philosophists and tech experts. Answers are found by neither of them. The debates usually stay on a very abstract level. With this happening, it is time to build a bridge between those two and for making AI more tangible, for everyone.
Our concept of Intelligence Augmentation is focusing on the human side of new technology.Taking away fears and demystifying scary future scenarios where robots take over and where we will be governed by machines, is one goal. Democratizing AI and making it accessible also for non-tech experts is another one.
Helmut Scherer, the Managing Director of Futurice, will explain in his keynote how this can work and how our dance with the machines can become a successful and a trustworthy one.

Helmut Scherer
Managing Director at Futurice
The Annual Keynote

Nico Lumma’s annual 48forward keynote became a tradition of this conference. He will provide overview of the current state of our society and government.

Nico Lumma
COO at next media accelerator
Corporate Innovation Track

How can companies become more innovative? How do they have to change?

What I Have Learned In North Korea, Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran and other Crisis Regions

Julia Leeb is a photojournalist. The emphasis of her work is on areas in political upheaval. She has done long-term projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Iran. Her pictures from war torn countries have been published worldwide, with her footage from Libya caused a stir when her team where bombarded by Gaddafi’s troops.

Her book “North Korea – Anonymous Country“ was covered by press all around the world. It was reviewed by the Leonard Lopate Show, the National Public Radio and was nominated for the German Photo Book Award.

When not bound by contract, she spends time working on her own projects which have led her to over 80 different countries.

Julia Leeb
Photojournalist & FIlmmaker
Let’s map, build and inspire a future we all want to live in.

We talk about change, but what are the mechanics behind it, the dynamics of change? How fast is it? What it means to be an innovator, is transforming faster than before, from classic product and service definition of the superficial to computational system design of everything, including social and political systems, deeply rooted in a space of challenges and promises between cutting edge tech and humanism. In an exponential and converging digital-fueled future, we design a relationship, a behavior, that the product will follow. This exponential change is our most important innovation brief and the stakes are high, It is just too important to be left only to designers, or any single team. Technology is the human evolution, this creates a playground for “Human centered“-work, Martin Wezowski calls it “Humachine”, a symbiosis between human creativity and empathy and machine intelligence, this opens new worlds for our imagination in a time when “now” has never been so temporary.

Martin Wezowski
Chief Designer at SAP
Panel: The Future of Money

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies have been all over the news in the last couple of months. What impact will those innovations have on our financial system? We will have a panel discussion with a group of true experts to discuss this topic.

Miriam Neubauer
Managing Director at Catena Capital
Lunch Break

After our first track with keynotes and panels we start into the lunch break. There are many food options around the event location – we will help you to find the best spots.

Lunch Break

After our first track with keynotes and panels we start into the lunch break. There are many food options around the event location – we will help you to find the best spots.

Media/Journalism Track

What does the future of media and journalism look like? What content formats will be important in the upcoming years? What impact will AI, AR, VR and other technologies have on publishing houses and media companies?

Arno Heinisch
Managing Partner at Rocket Beans Entertainment
How Bumble Changed the Way of Dating

Bumble disrupted the way we did online dating by letting women take over control. In the last couple of years the app was extended to other fields of interhuman connections: Friendships and business contacts.

Louise Troen
International Brand Director at Bumble
What I Learned About Dating by Running Ohlala
Pia Poppenreiter
Co-Founder & CEO at Ohlala
Data Privacy Track

The General Data Protection Regulation will affect all companies from May 2018 on. We have to talk about the impact of this regulation and are going to have an interesting panel on stage.

Fireside Chat: How Flixbus Disrupted A Whole Market
Daniel Krauss
Co-Founder & CIO at Flixbus
Daniel Fürg
Founder at 48forward
Interhuman Relationships Track

Following two keynotes on Stage 1 we are going to digg deeper into this topic. We will have a keynote about the impact of sex robots on inter human relationships as well as a panel discussion.

Louise Troen
International Brand Director at Bumble
Pia Poppenreiter
Co-Founder & CEO at Ohlala
Kate Davis
Artist & Activist at The Campaign Against Sex Robots
How I Founded a 100-Million-VC-Company

Abbas Kazmi raised $100 million to seed Collegiate Capital, a London-based venture firm which invests in fintech, cybersecurity, energy and gaming startups. He is Europe’s youngest founder of a and Managing Partner of a VC fund of that size and is himself an experienced entrepreneur – having founded his first business at the age of 16.

Abbas Kazmi
Founder & Managing Partner at Collegiate Capital
How Social Entrepreneurship Can Make A Change
Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord
Executive Director at Bayer Foundations
Cultural Champions

Today’s leaders have tall orders – they must business results by aligning the vision, mission, and values while creating a culture and spirit that builds courage and profitable results. True leaders create a culture of engagement where team members are confident with their abilities and enthusiastic to contribute.
Successful corporate team building increases employee engagement, boosts company moral, and ensures that your team accomplishes company goals beyond the expected.
We call these “culture champions”. They are people who have the desired behaviours of the culture that the company aspires to and who are visible within the organization.
Find out the key characteristics of culture champions – I will help you to identify and realize them within your own organization…

Uwe Göthert
CEO at Dale Carnegie Germany
The Future of Health Track

What does the future of health look like? What impact will digital technologies, AI and other developments have on our healthcare system? We will have keynotes and a panel discussion to explore this topic.

Arantxa Unda
CEO at Sigesa
Future Commerce Track

What does the future of commerce look like? Where and how are we going to buy our stuff in five to ten years? We will have keynotes and panels to explore this topic.

The Passing

September 28th, 2059. A low-level education influencer, Johnston, takes a room full of fifteen-year-olds through The Passing preparation seminar.

Today they are fifteen; they will turn sixteen tomorrow, leave their concentration schools, become adults and assimilate themselves into a networked society based on influence, personal brand levels and endless shopping.

Tomorrow they will step forward and take part in The Passing.

Marcus John Henry Brown
Founder at MJHB Office for Creative Intelligence
Closing Ceremony
Daniel Fürg
Founder at 48forward
Richard Gutjahr
Blogger & Journalist
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