In good times and bad: Thanks to our partners!

48forward was founded in 2015 with the mission to create an open platform to discuss and explore social, cultural, and technological trends and their impact on different life and economic areas. And, of course, coronavirus hit us hard.

We had to postpone our annual 48forward Festival due to the pandemic, which cost more than 12 months of work. With much blood, sweat, and tears, our whole team created a one of a kind three-day-festival experience with more than 100 international speakers and 1.000 attendees from all over Europe. And then the virus came, and we had to change our plans as quickly as possible to still being able to follow our mission.

Yes, 48forward is all about meeting people to discuss what’s going to be next. Events, conferences, festivals, and all kinds of offline networking events are our passion. We love to connect people, and we love to meet all of you here in Munich to get to know you while listening to some of the world’s most inspiring speakers on stage or drinking a glass of beer at the bar.

But then we had an idea…

As important as offline events are: We still need to enable people to discuss the future, to find solutions to existing and upcoming challenges. For the time being, we had to postpone our offline experience, but it is not canceled at all. As soon as events of this kind are going to be safe and possible again, we are going to create the one of a kind 48forward Festival we initially wanted to host in April.

Till then we are going to host as many innovative and creative virtual sessions as possible. On Wednesday we hosted our first Virtual Call For Optimism with more than 10.000 attendees – and it will be the first in a whole series of digital events.

We are going to make them as interactive and inspiring as possible to still enable you to connect and swap ideas.

Thanks for standing by our side!

Hosting events like the 48forward Festival means investing large amounts of time, passion, and money into something that is – to be totally frank – not really a lucrative business model. We are not doing this for the money.
We believe in our mission and its importance for our society and economy – this is what keeps us moving forward.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our amazing partners and the fact that they stuck to us even in those unforeseeable circumstances.

They believed in our approach of adding virtual experiences and platforms to create new formats and possibilities even in those difficult times. We somehow extended the 48forward Festival into a multi-month-experience that is eager to help and support our 48forward-Community to overcome the crisis. And they will all be part of the upcoming shows, virtual conferences – and of course the offline-experience of the 48forward Festival which is going to happen as soon as we can ensure the safety of all our speakers, attendees and partners.

To all our partners: Thank you!
We wouldn’t be able to survive those troubling times without you.
We need you and it means the world to us that we have you on our side.