Sebastian Spasic

Social Media Influencer

The 41 year-old self-taught is one of the best known digital influencers and content creators in Germany with, for a photographer remarkable range of over 300K followers. His main focus is Instagram. Under the name @AKUsepp he has over 290K people following him through his photographic life.

Spasic is part of the Instagram community since the beginning, and it was not clear 5 years ago, how much weight Instagram will have in the social media landscape. The steadily growing fan base AKUsepp has led over the years to the fact that he is now not only in demand as a photographer, but is also a highly successful influencer.

Not the person AKUsepp is in the foreground, but rather the photographic quality of content, that Spasic is producing. Whether lifestyle or tourism, many brands such as Microsoft, Sony, TUI, Coca-Cola, O2, Seat, Panasonic, Sennheiser, Gore-Tex, Bitburger, Absolut Vodka, Thomas Cook and many more have already worked with him. As influencer, as well as a content creator.

A native of Paderborn, Sebastian Spasic lives with his family in the beautiful Ruhr, namely in Dortmund and now works worldwide as a photographer and Digital Influencer.

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