Besides the annual conference 48forward organizes various satellite events – in total around 30 events per year.


Three days full of inspiration, innovation, creativity and responsibility in changing the world into a better place. What challenges will affect us within the upcoming five to ten years? Which technologies will disrupt our industries?
We want to discuss the future – with high-class international speakers.


Our monthly Talk.48fwrd sessions focus on one single topic. We invite one single speaker for an interview on stage or a couple of speakers to form a panel discussion. Our attendees are always able to ask their questions in an interactive and easy way and will use the event as a networking platform after the stage program.


We don’t like the idea of having boring traditional workshops that challenge you to stay awake. With Deep.48fwrd we developed a half-day-format that will provide a deep-dive into one single topic. We invite a couple of high-class speakers and experts to discuss the topics and have a mix of speeches, panel discussions and Q&A-sessions on stage.



48forward meets SXSW

SXSW in Austin is one of the most exciting events when it comes to tech, digital, interactive, film and music topics. We’ll be there with a whole travel group, a daily live show and a side event.


Leaders.48fwrd Summit

Let’s invite the most innovative and visionary minds from all over the world to Bavaria to discuss society’s challenges?¬†Join us in developing a community of crazy ones that dare to think of how we can change the world!

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