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Day One
Main Stage
Masterclass Room One
Day Two
Main Stage
Masterclass Room One
Main Stage
Masterclass Room One
Main Stage
Masterclass Room One
Opening Ceremony
Richard Gutjahr
Blogger & Journalist
Daniel Fürg
Founder at 48forward
10:00 - 12:30
Corporate Innovation Masterclass

How can companies become more innovative? Learn from the best and check what you can adapt for your own company.

Christoph Bauer
Innovation Evangelist at Société Générale
Benno Blumoser
Head of AI Lab at Siemens
Thorsten Kühnel
Digital Transformation Lead at Rheinmetall AG
David Baus
Co-Founder at JustRocket
Stefan Lenz
Senior Business Development Manager Digitalisation at The Linde Group
Breaking New Ground and Re-Discovering – and What This May Have to Do With Forward-Speculation
Silke Kreiling
Executive Director at diffferent
AI? AI?? AI what? – What do you know about ML?
Curt Simon Harlinghausen
Global CP Automotive at Publicis.Sapient
The Beauty of Impact – Food Innovations for the Rising Billions in Need

Humanity is facing grand challenges – the needs and desires of an ever increasing world population must be met with shrinking resources and in light of dramatic climate changes. Particularly our food systems are out of balance – we cannot continue with food and agriculture in a way we have been doing it for the past 10,000 years. At the same time, new technology is emerging with the power to fix the food systems and to create desirable futures.
We believe humanity’s biggest challenges can be turned into the world’s biggest business opportunities as well. Join us for a session in which you will learn more about the big issues in the food system and you will meet tech pioneers who are creating disruptive answers to stop global hunger and to fix the food crisis.

Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord
Executive Director at Bayer Foundations
Sylvie Chin
CEO at ClearKarma
Innovation Meets Ethics
Alan VanderMolen
President, International & WE+ at WE Communications
AI, Machine Learning, and Smart Data: New Technologies, New Opportunities
Matthew Timms
Chief Digital & Chief Technology Officer at E.ON
Lunch Break

After our first track with keynotes and panels we start into the lunch break. There are many food options around the event location – we will help you to find the best spots.

13:30 - 16:00
Communications & Marketing Masterclass

What does the future of communications and marketing look like? Join us for a masterclass about exciting new channels, content, marketing and communication strategies.

Kai Fischer
Director Corporate Content at Constantin Film
Johannes Lenz
Head of Content at MessengerPeople
Thomas Kraehe
Solution Architect at MessengerPeople
Marie-Louise Sadakane
Creative Strategist & Founder at FAKE . AGENCY.
Severin Lucks
Managing Partner at DELUCKS
Marc Oliver Voland
Director Business Unit IT Industry at Storymaker
Democratizing AI

AI for Marketeers: Empowering innovation and amplifying marketing creativity.

Sean O’Connor
EMEA Marketing Director, Bing Ads at Microsoft
The Annual Keynote
Nico Lumma
COO at next media accelerator
Companies as Transformative Actors in the 21st Century Societal Transformation

We are currently in the midst of a fundamental societal transformation, and most of the 20th century institutions are growing to be obsolete. Leading companies across industries are already seeing this change, and are in turn taking a proactive role in defining 21st century societal institutions. Johannes Nuutinen will give examples of how progressive industries can usher in an era os societal progress.

Johannes Nuutinen
Lead International Markets at Demos Helsinki
Panel: The Future of Society

How should a post-industrial society look like? What challenges do we have to solve? Let’s talk!

Nico Lumma
COO at next media accelerator
Johannes Nuutinen
Lead International Markets at Demos Helsinki
Innovate or Die! – The Future of Retail
Martin Wild
Chief Innovation Officer at MediaMarktSaturn
The Automation of Retail
Ales Drabek
Chief Digital & Disruption Officer at Conrad Electronic
New Work & Old Leadership? – The Transformation of Collaboration and Leadership in the Digital Age

Nowadays, the buzzword “New Work” can’t be missed at any conference. In light of an ever-growing complexity of work, the greater role of knowledge and skills, and the importance of the “Team” factor, companies are increasingly acting as an open platform and interdisciplinary laboratory to come up with the best ideas to drive innovation. Taking the transformation of Microsoft as an example, Masa Matejic will examine how the New World of Work and Leadership can look like in practice. She also will talk about the challenges and opportunities for employees and the impact on the leadership culture.

Masa Matejic
Modern Workplace Lead, Customer Success at Microsoft
Company Building Masterclass

Join us for an interactive session about company building. How can a Startup-as-a-Service-model work?

Julian Lipinski
CEO at Creative Dock
Less Talk, More Action: How Do We Return to the Open Web?

In the beginning, the Internet was free. Its open protocols and decentralised architecture designed to grant everyone the same opportunities, encouraging unprecedented global collaboration and innovation. Yet today, just a handful of companies dominate web traffic, controlling access to services whilst harvesting data from their users – sometimes secretly and for less than altruistic reasons.

Over the past few months, vocal support for a return to the open web has grown, with Tim Berners-Lee proposing a “Magna Carta” for the web. But almost immediately the initiative was seized upon by Internet giants Facebook and Google – the very root cause of the problem.

It’s all very well having a nice manifesto and talking about granting users more control, but if we really want a return to the open web, we need to fight for it and make it happen. The greatest tools in our inventory are open source and open protocols – and our greatest allies are telcos, cable companies and hosters. After all, if the OTT players are granted control of the entire Internet, it won’t be long until these companies are made superfluous.

Rafael Laguna
Co-Founder & CEO at Open-XChange
Panel: How China Spearheads Innovation

China is amongst the most innovative countries worldwide. They invest a lot in technological developments and are becoming more and more important for all of us. Xin Chen will host a panel discussion on how innovation in China works.

Xin Chen
CEO at HeroBakery
Philipp Kemmler-Erdmannsdorffer
Manager Communications & Public Affairs at NIO
Sven Spöde
Digital Strategist China at Storymaker
The Sensorium Process

Welcome to The Sensorium Process. We are so glad you could come. Please sit down, relax and take a Brandsulin. Focus on what you are, what you could be and what your personal brand could offer The Coalition. Close your eyes and imagine the future of your brand within the network. Will it be strong? Will it be rich with influence? Will you be gorgeous? Will it be algorithmic and full of life? Where do you see yourself in five years time? Will you be a value enhancer or an obedience influencer perhaps?
Set in 2020, The Sensorium Process explores the birth of a society whose values are based on hustle, struggle, brand reach, neo-libertarianism, advertising and influence. It’s a society that has been designed by a clandestine innovations agency called The Black Operatives Department for its sole client: The Coalition.
The Sensorium is the latest performance in Marcus John Henry Brown’s critically acclaimed Black Operatives Department series which looks at how technology, advertising and corporate culture are shaping the world around us.

Marcus John Henry Brown
Founder at MJHB Office for Creative Intelligence
Successful Implementation of IoT Business Models
Michael Büsch
Executive Board Member at blu Gruppe
Entrepreneurship Masterclass

What does it take to build up a successful company? Learn from the best and ask your questions.

Gen Sadakane
Co-Founder & Creative Director at EyeEm
Christian Lindener
Managing Director at Wayra
Freya Oehle
Founder & CEO at 3tausendsassa
Comfort First: Consumers Use Shopping Apps and Pay Digitally

The picture has changed a lot. Just a few years ago, retailers were able to convince their customers with plastic cards and print mailing. Today, shopping apps and mobile payment are rapidly gaining in importance. This digitalization has an impact on the point of sale. “Stationary” and “digital” are blurring. Added value is convincing.

PAYBACK creates the link with its app – and currently over six million active users. On the basis of smart data, cross-device campaigns accompany the customer’s shopping experience. Context-related messages create added value. Individual offers create relevance, incentives and lead people to stationary shops. Payments are made digitally – comfortably.

Nico Winkelhaus
Director Digital Marketing at PAYBACK
The Purpose of Business in the Future
Monika Smith
Leadership Coach, Author at Santiago Berlin
Let Us Show You Why Messaging Apps are Becoming the New Rock Stars in Communication

By 2022, Messaging apps will grow 250% as a customer service channel from 2017 to 2022. Let us show you why messaging becomes the new rock star in communication.

Birgit Bucher
International Marketing Manager at MessengerPeople
Panel: The Future of Media & Journalism
Arne Wolter
Chief Digital Officer at Gruner + Jahr
Stefan Ottlitz
Head of Product at SPIEGEL Gruppe
Richard Gutjahr
Blogger & Journalist
Startup as a Service – Success on Demand?
Julian Lipinski
CEO at Creative Dock
Panel: The Future of Entrepreneurship
Gen Sadakane
Co-Founder & Creative Director at EyeEm
Christian Lindener
Managing Director at Wayra
Freya Oehle
Founder & CEO at 3tausendsassa
Lunch Break

After our first track with keynotes and panels we start into the lunch break. There are many food options around the event location – we will help you to find the best spots.

Healthcare Masterclass

What does the future of healthcare look like? What changes are healthcare providers and hospitals facing? Join us for a masterclass full of insights.

Please note: This masterclass will be in German.

Dr. Thomas Rudolf
Managing Partner at Oberender
Why Germany Is Not Acting Like The Silicon Valley – And Why This Might Not Be A Bad Thing.

IT and especially IT development works differently in Silicon Valley – and for the last couple of years we tried to copy what they are doing. But in the end Germany is still different. And maybe this is a good thing. We don’t have to be the next Silicon Valley – we don’t want to be a copy.

Hanna Hennig
How Can We All Use AR to Express Ourselves?

Augmented Reality will change a lot in the upcoming years. How can we all create content for AR and what can we do to express ourselves in AR like we do today on screens?

Adam Somlai-Fischer
Co-Founder at Prezi
The Impact of Quantum Computing
Mark Mattingley-Scott
Quantum Computing Ambassador at IBM
Subscriptions Revolutionizing Logistics

Transportation of goods has been a key for society since the most early ages. Since then, the ways of transporting goods has changed quite significantly: while former days saw humans and animals being the main sources, we now mainly handle everything using trucks, ships and planes. This background in mind, how could this industry start into a new era?

Frank Unger
Regional Vice President at ZUORA
Joachim Wallenstein
Head of Marketing & Communications at RIO
It’s a match, isn’t it?

How artificial intelligence and omnichannel can complement each other and accelerate the customer journey.

Benjamin Ferreau
CEO at akanoo
The Future of the Brain
Prof. Dr. Newton Howard
Neurocomputation, Neurosurgery & Mathematics at University of Oxford
Future Health Track

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