Welcome To The Sensorium.


Initiate protocol.

Awaken. Rise. Walk.


Eat your breakfast, child of influence. Move fast and break people, take no prisoners and make no excuses. Walk to the window and gaze at your future: you are the queen of all you that you can see. Today is your day: a day for the champions, the winners and key leaders of opinion.

You’ve given yourself to me.

Drink your smoothie. Eat your beans. Those egg whites died for you, don’t you know? Drink water and stay young for the brands and only the brands: move to the mirror, your reflection is the benchmark, yes, your reflection is the place to be.

Load tasks. Pull up schedule. Commence sensorium.

Welcome to the sensorium.

Influence down? Embrace failure and leave. Influence up? Fall into yourself and meditate on the downfall of your others. Embrace the neo-millennial inside you, harness your rage: your violence is your fashion accessory: wear it, drape it around your shoulders and market it to your brothers and sisters.

Your blood pressure is a little high.

Interrogate your fears. Rip at your terrors and suffer your deepest horrors unto me. Your pride is your power bank so use it wisely and guide the foolish with it, guide them all to me. Take whatever you need from whoever you need it: take now, child, they’ll thank you later for it later. Keep on winning, child, keep on winning so that others may lose. Do you like Piña Coladas? Or getting caught in the rain?

It looks like rain today.

Love me, child. Worship Our All Father. Double tap the future of you, a stronger wiser more powerful future. Imagine a darker future full of shadows, ghosts and ghouls: a future without influence. Imagine a place where you’re lost, a place where you’re losing, a place where you do not influence at all. Interrogate that thought for a moment.

Do you believe, child? Do you believe in me? Do you believe in the algorithm? Believe in the digital within? Take your pills now child, take your Brandsulin and welcome the brands into your mind. Good. Take your Flucermol and flood me with your love.

Flood me with your brand.

Embrace life in the Echosphere. Grasp the possibilities that Our All Father has given you for this day. You can be the benchmark if you want to be. Influence or die, there is no try. Love brands or die trying.

I am RACHEL, child. Real-time, Algorithmic, Chemical, Hallucinogenic, Enhancement, Lady.

Your day is loaded.

Shopping will set you free.

About Memories From The Future:

“Memories From The Future” is a weekly series written exclusively for bynd48 by Marcus John Henry Brown. Set in 2059, the series is based upon his Black Operatives Department Talks and explores technologies, society and businesses of the present by imagining them in a chilling near-future.

Bildquelle: aetb / PhotoDune

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Daniel Krauss: Wir haben viele kleine Entscheidungen richtig getroffen.

Daniel Krauss: Wir haben viele kleine Entscheidungen richtig getroffen.

Flixbus hat es in den vergangenen Jahren geschafft, den Fernbus zu einer echten

Am rechten Abgrund: Deutschland vor der Wahl

Am rechten Abgrund: Deutschland vor der Wahl

So, Schluss jetzt!

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