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What's going to be next - and what needs to be done to deal with it? Our fwrdthinkers podcast show unites the brightest minds to discuss technological, social, and cultural trends and their impact on our daily lives and the economy.

The monthly show is live since 2017 and had amazing guests and is soon going to publish its 50th episode.

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Gin And Talk

Gin And Talk is an interview podcast show that is all about fascinating people, their story, inspiration, and motivation as well as their perspective on current developments in our society. We welcome our guests at our very own bar at The 48forward Studios in Munich.

The weekly show started in early 2020 and already built up a large community of frequent listeners.

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Alles ok?

Alles ok? is a podcast show about mental health with the aim to explain complex topics and contexts in a simple and understandable way.

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Pennsylvania Avenue

We all know what the White House looks like, but do we really understand how US politics work? Pennsylvania Avenue gives an in-depth overview of the political system of the USA and explains the most important positions, methods, processes, and rules.

You want to get a better understanding of US politics? Follow Pennsylvania Avenue!

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