This is so much more than just one event.

48forward started as a one-day-conference back in 2015. Over the years, we added more and more formats to what is now a whole universe of platforms, initiatives, and events - online and offline, analog and digital.

Join us in shaping the future - let's make the world a better place for all of us!

This is #48fwrd


Let's get together

Events & Sessions

Online, offline, virtual and hybrid.

Join our 48forward Festival, various hybrid events - live on-site or from your couch or desk - or be part of our update sessions on current technological, social or political topics - be part of a community of crazy ones that dare to change the world!

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The 48forward Online Magazine


The central hub for future topics.

Learn more about fascinating future and innovation topics, read interviews, guest articles from our expert networks - and get a different perspective on what's going to be next.

fwrdthinkers is our very own online-magazine for those who want to shape the future.

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The 48forward Originals

Our Podcast Shows

Explore the future by listening our podcasts.

Our very own podcast shows focus on various topics that are important for our society, politics and economy. Follow us on all major platforms to never miss a new episode of fwrdthinkers, Gin And Talk or Pennsylvania Avenue!

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