Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Daniel Fürg
Munich, 21 June 2019

The new 48forward Website is live!

Over the years 48forward developed from a one-day-conference into a whole series of events and a big community of forward-thinking minds. Our upcoming three-day-festival in April as well as the conferences during the year - and not to forget our Journeys.48fwrd around the world - needed a new digital home and now it is finally online.

It took us quite a while to figure out how to put all important information on one website - but we are confident that we found a good solution for you.

I'm going to do a weekly column in this section on our front page - so stay tuned for upcoming insights on innovation and future topics as well as behind-the-scenes information around our events!

Daniel Fürg
Founder of 48forward

Latest Video Release

Tesla started a whole revolution in  the automotive world. Combustion engines might die out within the next decade - but are electric engines really the ones that are taking over?

During our 48forward Mobility Day in May we talked about the current state of e-mobility and gained valuable insights on the development of the infrastructure, technology - and car-owner's habits.

Watch the panel-discussion in full-length now on our YouTube-channel!