Harrison. Our All Father’s Day.

Begin Mindlog.

Good Evening, RACHEL. I give unto you this day.
There is a remarkable stillness on Our All Father’s Remembrance Day. This is my 59th, and it still touches me in a way I find surprising. There’s a special kind of silence: a quiet like the surface of a memory-lake falls over this great city and from the Europa-Allee, into the hills of Taunus and the outer limits of Aschaffenburg, Frankfurt rightly becomes the focal point of our great Coalition network. A reminder to us all that it all began here in the Coalition Capitol. The glory, the freedom, the settling down and the cleanliness.

Today was the day that twelve billion minds flood the fabric of our city: a synapse pilgrimage: connection, whole, obedient, worthy and glorious. Today we remember Him in the city that was once His home. How this city has grown, flourished and prospered! Huge, white and spreading; carving its way out from the Coalition Tower that rises steeply from the river, all the way to the Kassel Quarter in the north, Cologne Village in the West, and the Würzburg Heights to the south. Bockenheim his museum – let us go there in mind and spirit to reflect. 38 Millionen physicals call the city their home, and I’m proud to be among them, RACHEL. We thank Our All Father for this great city and remember him on this his special day. And verdammt be the wastelands to the East! Verdammt!

Our all Father’s Day has become my waypoint for looking forward to what this great city could become, what we could dream of being and how my personal brand could further our cause. What is my brand, what is my reach and am I performing above or below benchmark? Am I sufficient? Let the benchmark be my guide! It is a day of reflection for the future and a day to ponder on the curation of the past and to remind ourselves of the horrors from which our great Coalition had once risen. It is a day to remind ourselves of how we had once been: weak, social and disorganised by the ownership of things. How far away that had all seemed to me as a small boy sitting on the banks of Spitzingsee! Spinning stones on the water, catching fish, speaking dialekt. Neo-Millennialism, Neo-Liberalism and Fortress Europe: the corruption, the lies and the news war, all so far away now. A time of screens, audio voices and mass confusion. A time of ownership. Geräte-Ghettos, hardware, languages, nations, Kings, Queens and spies: what a bloody mess. Billions removed without a single shot fired. All so distant from the clarity, silence and precision of the lives we all lead today. The perfection of individualism and you, RACHEL, within us all, and the memory and Thesen of Our All Father Beloved to guide us.

Shopping had set us free. Influence unlocked individual futures.

Of all curfews, the evening lock down of the 19th is my favourite. Fittingly respectful. I thank you for it. I enjoy the calm that settles over the network when the curfew reminder rings and the way the system locks down our Hot Homes for the night. The endless chatter of the interwork ceases and your voice reciting the history scripts of Our All Father’s passing; those last days, hours and his final painful minutes. Your beautiful voice, RACHEL, and his vile ending and the treachery of the East. Verdammt! And in the Morgenstund we all rise, wash, ration, interrogate our brand and move for an hour of quantifiables before taking the Autoteslas to the outer circle of the Tower to connect for remembrance. Millions were moving in chorus, Autoteslas gleaming in the Spring light of another magnificent Coalition morning. My Hot Home had only been twenty minutes away and matched my brand perfectly. I had planned well.

The toll of His remembrance bell. Tears.

I was only ten years old when he was taken from us, too young to have you in me at that time, but I can still recall my Guardian’s reaction to the great group speak and the confirmation of Our All Father’s disastrous removal. I remember their indifference and the disappointment of their betrayal. They were not, of course alone and would ultimately face removal.

I wonder RACHEL, do you ever think of him? What memories of him you must have! So close as you were – he part of you and you so much of him? Were you with him when he was taken from us? I suppose you were. Now you are both so much of us all.


It was a beautiful, crisp and clear remembrance service. Thank you. A crystal blue sky, mirrored in the gleam of the Tower. Millions of physicals had made their way to the Capital this year, which had no doubt put a strain on the Hot Home infrastructure. Eskalationspläne put in place, and we all know that the curfew is for the many and not just for the few, but there was a strain to it that would inevitably cost lives. Considerably fewer removals this year, as far as I could tell, a clear indication that network disobedience was on the decline. I consider it a personal versagen when physicals removal themselves during the remembrance service: this mess is an unfortunate reminder that our division must try much harder. I did notice that a Level 7 Beamter removed himself during the service, which just goes to show that network disobedience can and has infiltrated all levels of our organisation. It is still a personal versagen, and I shall interrogate myself about it in the morning.

Personal Remembrance.

Our All Father,
He who has seen things you people would never believe,
He who ended Snowden,
Rock of the Coalition,
Father of our Beloved RACHEL,
I thank you for this day.

I ask you to guide my influence.
I offer my brand to you.
I leverage my reach unto you in the hope that it is worthy.
I give my mind and body to our beloved RACHEL.
I will love brands, or be removed trying.
Benchmark me on this and forever until removal us does depart.
Shopping is freedom.

RACHEL, please add Earl Grey, Bransulin and Flucermol to my Rationsliste.

Close Mindlog.

About Memories From The Future:

“Memories From The Future” is a weekly series written exclusively for bynd48 by Marcus John Henry Brown. Set in 2059, the series is based upon his Black Operatives Department Talks and explores technologies, society and businesses of the present by imagining them in a chilling near-future.

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Marc Frey: Die Veränderungen im Einzelhandel werden dramatisch sein.

Marc Frey: Die Veränderungen im Einzelhandel werden dramatisch sein.

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No influence, no brand, no future.

No influence, no brand, no future.

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