You’ve always been fascinated by time travels?

Let’s take a look at our future and what it takes to deal with it!





The future is near…

48forward is not just a one-day conference about innovation and future topics, about trends and visions. It is a whole community of like-minded people and those who are curious, curious about the things that will be on our minds within the upcoming decades – or as we love to call it: a big family that gets bigger and bigger every day.
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A professional conference with a love for details that nevertheless has a very familistic touch.
There is no event like that in Berlin so it’s always worth a visit to Munich.

Gen Sadakane

Co-Founder at EyeEm



This year’s 48forward Conference will take place at Freiheiz in the heart of the Bavarian capital Munich. The big old brick house was once used as a turbine plant and is an extraordinary event location for almost ten years.
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Francesco Marconi

Strategy Manager
The Associated Press

Marcus Wolsdorf


Freya Oehle

Co-Founder & CEO

Jeremy Tai Abbett

Creative Evangelist

Sebastiaan Lemmens

Head of Blendle Germany

Farina Opoku


Paula Schwarz


Dirk Muehlenweg

Head of Sales Global Watson IoT Headquarter


What does the future of mobility look like? Are we still going to own and drive a car in 20 years? How are we going to deal with increasing traffic in urban areas and what technology is going to fuel mobility in the future?

Media / Journalism

Media and journalism changed a lot during the last 20 years. Technological innovations led to new formats and disrupting ways of distribution. Traditional media companies have to deal with big challenges to follow that development.


How can medical innovations improve our lifes? What role plays digitalization in this context? Are we going to live longer in the future? And what challenges would that mean for our health system?

Marketing / Communication

Marketing and communication changed a lot due to technological innovations. The digital age led to great new possibilities companies can work with. How can social media and other digital distribution ways help to improve marketing and communication?


How can traditional, historically grown structures within governments develop into a future-ready system? What role will digital products and infrastructure play in that context? And are today’s politicians ready for the future we’ll have to deal with?


Education has a long history but does it develop fast enough for the digital age? How can we improve education and make it ready for the challenges of the future? In the end education is the basis for generations to come – we must not take easy on that.

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 One day – 400 attendees – 30 international high-class speakers

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You don’t want to wait till November? No problem!
Talk.48fwrd is our monthly event series. Those evening events focus on one single future topic per month. The interactive event-concept brings international high-class speakers on stage and offers a platform for questions and answers.
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